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Southern Soybean Disease Workers: 46th Proceedings (March 6-7, 2019, Pensacola Beach, Florida, United States)


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List of SSDW Officers

Agenda for March 6-7, 2019

Abstracts for presented/contributed papers

Evaluating phytotoxicity in response to fungicide by adjuvant combinations. TW Allen and TH Wilkerson

Effect of delayed harvest on the seed quality of commercial soybean cultivars. JC Rupe, JA Rojas, R Holland, SR Segalin, RD Bond, and JA Still

Virome of Macrophomina phaseolina isolates collected from soybean fields in Mississippi. Nina Aboughanem-Sabanadzovic, Tessie Wilkerson, Tom Allen, and Sead Sabanadzovic

Genomic evidence for interspecific hybridization in Cercospora cf. flagellaris strains associated with Cercospora leaf blight of soybean. Alex Zaccaron, Kona Swift, Ahmad Fakhoury, and Burt Bluhm

Identification of QoI-resistant Septoria glycines isolates. DL Neves, A Wang, JD Weems, DS Mueller, HM Kelly, and CA Bradley

Genome-wide polymorphic microsatellite markers in Phytophthora sojae. Guohong Cai, Tomara J. Fleury, and Ning Zhang

Identifying soybean varietal resistance to Cercospora leaf blight and describing a leaf disk assay for rapid resistance screening. Brian Ward, Paul Price III, and Thanos Gentimis

Early detection of soybean sudden death syndrome using high-resolution satellite imagery. Muhammad Mohsin Raza, Sharon K. Eggenberger, Forrest W. Nutter, Jr., and Leonor F. Leandro

Nematodes population distribution and densities as affected by soil type and crop rotation in Tennessee row crops. Rufus Akinrinlola and Heather Kelly

The effects of Soybean vein necrosis virus (Bunyaviridae: Tospovirus) on soybean (Glycine max) yield. Rachel Guyer, Larissa Visioli, and Heather Kelly

Has Cercospora kikuchii vanished in the U.S.? Comparative genomics provides new clues. Burt Bluhm, Alex Zaccaron, Kona Swift, and Ahmad Fakhoury

Student papers

Evaluation of field soils collected from the Mid-southern United States for differences in soybean cyst nematode egg density and reproduction. EG Roberts, A Howland, C Meinhardt, TW Allen, TR Faske, PP Price, TN Spurlock, MG Mitchum, and KM Bissonnette

Soybean variety response to Xylaria sp., causal agent of taproot decline. Myra A. Purvis, Trey Price, Tom Allen, and Terry Spurlock

Identification of alternative hosts for Xylaria sp., the pathogen of taproot decline of soybean. HR Becton, T Wilkerson, TW Allen, and M Tomaso-Peterson

Functional genomics in Phomopsis longicolla as a tool to dissect Phomopsis seed decay at the molecular level. Marcio Zaccaron, John Ridenour, Alex Zaccaron, John Rupe, and Burt Bluhm

Taxonomic diversity of Diaporthe species associated with soybean in Arkansas. Fakhir Al-Shuwaili, Marcio Zaccaron, John Rupe, and Burt Bluhm

Wilting response of soybean leaves to culture filtrates of Corynespora cassiicola isolates from cotton and soybean. MN Rondon and KS Lawrence

Analysis of systemic resistance caused by Bacillus sp. in Meloidogyne incognita infested Glycine max. K Gattoni, N Xiang, BR Lawaju, JW Kloepper and KS Lawrence

Determining the role of new soybean germplasm in reducing losses associated with poor quality grain in Mississippi soybean. J Fomba, M Tomaso-Peterson, TW Allen, D Cook, R Smith, S Li, and TW Wilkerson

Abstracts for presented posters

Fungicide sensitivity screening for Corynespora cassiicola and field evaluations. Heather Kelly and Ty Smith

Impact of seed treatment and seed quality on soybean emergence and yield. SR Segalin, R Holland, and JC Rupe

Southern United States Soybean Disease Loss Estimates for 2018. TW Allen, K Bissonnette, CA Bradley, JP Damicone, NS Dufault, TR Faske, T Isakeit, RC Kemerait, A Koehler, HL Mehl, JD Mueller, GB Padgett, PP Price, EJ Sikora, L Thiessen, and H Young

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