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Southern Soybean Disease Workers, Proceedings of the 47th Annual Meeting (March 4-5, 2020, Pensacola Beach, Florida, United States)

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Southern United States soybean disease loss estimates for 2019. TW Allen, K Bissonnette, CA Bradley, JP Damicone, NS Dufault, TR Faske, T Isakeit, RC Kemerait, A Koehler, HL Mehl, JD Mueller, GB Padgett, PP Price, EJ Sikora, IM Small, L Thiessen, and H Young

Abstracts of presented papers

Fungicide efficacy on target spot in Tennessee soybean. Ty Smith, H Kelly, and Z Hansen

Temporal dynamics of Neohydatothrips variabilis, Frankliniella tritici, and Frankliniella fusca in South Central Wisconsin and the occurrence of Soybean vein necrosis virus. Cristina Zambrana-Echevarria, S Kaplan, RL Groves, and DL Smith

Population distributions and densities of nematodes, and virulence phenotypes of soybean cyst nematode in Tennessee. Rufus Akinrinlola, and H Kelly

Improving soybean white mold control by integrated management. Wade Webster, B Mueller, J Gaska, D Mueller, MI Chilvers, S Conley, and DL Smith

Assessment of QoI sensitivity and frogeye leaf spot race of Cercospora sojina in Georgia soybean. Bennett Harrelson, A Culbreath, R Kemerait, Jr, and J Buck

Reduction of Pythium damping-off in soybean by biocontrol seed treatment. Mirian F Pimentel, E Arnao, A Warner, N Elsharif, M Chilvers, A Robertson, J Bond, and A Fakhoury

Understanding cercosporin self-resistance to identify novel tools to manage Cercospora leaf blight on soybean. Maria Izabel Costa de Novaes, CL Robertson, VP Doyle, and S Thomas-Sharma

Evaluating the efficacy of soybean seed treatment on high and low vigor seed in Arkansas. Samantha Segalin, JC Rupe, JA Rojas, and R Holland

Impact of wheat on soybean cyst nematode (Heterodera glycines I.) populations in a soybean double cropping system. Leonardo F Rocha, MF Pimentel, JP Bond, and AM Fakhoury

Using unmanned aerial systems and multispectral imagery to assess sudden death syndrome of soybean. Lindsey McKinzie, AM Fakhoury, R Li, and JP Bond

Soybean rust: Scourge of Alabama. Ed J Sikora, D Delaney, and K Connor

Management of SCN and SDS with nematode-protectant seed treatments across multiple environments. Kaitlyn M Bissonnette, Y Kandel, M Chilvers, N Kleczewski, D Mueller, D Smith, D Telenko, and A Tenuta

Determining inoculum density of Xylaria sp., the taproot decline pathogen, in soil under various crop rotation systems. Aline Bronzato-Badial, K Phillips, TH Wilkerson, and M Tomas-Peterson

A new pathosystem to study the plant-fungal interactions underlying Cercospora leaf blight of soybean. Kona Swift and B Bluhm

Impact of cultivar on soybean foliar and seed diseases in Arkansas. John C Rupe, RT Holland, and JA Rojas

Thoughts on southern blight: Should we be concerned about southern blight? Tom W Allen, WL Solomon, and BA Burgess

From plots to strips: Six years of fungicide trials. Terry N Spurlock, AC Tolbert, and RC Hoyle

Meta-analysis of soybean yield response to foliar fungicides evaluated from 2005 to 2018 in the United States and Canada. Yuba K Kandel, C Hunt, K Ames, N Arneson, CA Bradley, E Byamukama, A Byrne, MI Chilvers, L Giesler, J Halvorson, DC Hooker, NM Kleczewski, DK Malvick, S Markell, B Potter, W Pederson, DL Smith, AU Tenuta, DEP Telenko, KA Wise, and DS Mueller

On the road in Louisiana: Taking the research station to farms. Trey Price, MA Purvis, DA Ezell, GB Padgett, M Foster, and J Hebert

The next super model: Development of a flexible framework for multiple disease models in soybean. Damon L Smith, J Willbur, M Chilvers, M Kabbage, SP Conley, D Mueller, and R Schmidt

IPM implementation in Tennessee. Heather M Kelly, S Stewart, K Vail, D Hensley, S Steckel, A McClure, and T Raper

Reproduction potential and survival of soybean nematodes in row rice. Travis Faske, K Brown, and N Bateman

Initial research with peracetic acid as a disease management tool in soybeans and other legume crops. Vijay K Choppakatla

FMC fungicide offerings update. Matthew Wiggins

Abstracts for presented posters

Extension efforts in disseminating nematode survey results. Rachel Guyer, R Akinrinlola, and H Young

Assessing the role of weathering on the grain quality of soybean varieties in the Mississippi Delta. Tessie H Wilkerson, TW Allen, and BA Burgess

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