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Southern Soybean Disease Workers, Proceedings of the 19th Annual Meeting (February 19-20, 1992, St. Louis, Missouri, United States)

Abstracts and reports

Glenn R Bowers, Jr, 1992 proceedings editor and program chairman


Copyright 1992, the authors of the respective texts



Southern Soybean Disease Workers 1991-1992 officers

1991-1992 Program Committee

Graduate student competition

Interactions of Macrophomina phaseolina with two soybean cultivars under four irrigation regimes. SR Kendig and JC Rupe

Influence of soybean planting dates on the incidence and severity of Sudden Death Syndrome. SS Alghamdi, PT Gibson, and MA Shenaut

The interrelationship of Heterodera glycines and Fusarium solani in sudden death syndrome of soybean. KS McLean and GW Lawrence

Frogeye leaf spot of soybean: evaluation of cultivars and isolates. PF Pace, DB Weaver, and LD Ploper

Soybean cyst nematode race symposium

SCN race scheme: a historical perspective. JA Fox

Races of Heterodera glycines: a nematological perspective. TL Niblack

Races of Heterodera glycines and level of resistance in soybean cultivars. SC Anand

Differentiating soybean responses to soybean cyst nematode races. DP Schmitt and JG Shannon

Strategies for improved soybean yields and profits in the Southern US. JH Palmer

Contributed papers

Evaluation of resistance to Rhizoctonia Foliar Blight of soybean. CS Kousik, GB Padgett, JP Snow, and BG Harville

Five years of soybean variety testing for SDS response. PT Gibson, M Schmidt, MA Shenaut, and O Myers, Jr

Effect of tillage, planting date, and cultivar on the severity of sudden death syndrome, Septoria brown spot and downy mildew of soybean. JA Wrather, TL Niblack, GS Smith, and SC Anand

Effect sof soybean planting date on severity of stem canker. AY Chambers

Comparative virulence of stem canker isolates from southern soybean growing areas. GL Sciumbato and BL Keeling

Effects of a low rate of aldicarb on soybean canopy development and yield, weed and insect populations in Heterodera glycines-infested fields. SR Koenning, KR Barker, HD Coble, and JR Bradley

Effect of soybean cyst nematode on soybean isolines differing for maturity. WJ Wiebold and TL Niblack

Effect of repeated application of selected herbicides and nematicides/insecticides on soybean cyst nematode density. P Donald, A Keaster, R Kremer, and B Sims

Southern United States soybean disease loss estimate for 1991. Southern Soybean Disease Workers, Soybean Disease Loss Estimate Committee. Compiled by GL Sciumbato and DL Turnage

SSDW Treasurer's report. GG Hammes

Southern Soybean Disease Workers 1990-1991 committee chairmen

Southern Soybean Disease Workers 1991 award recipients

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