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Southern Soybean Disease Workers, Proceedings of the 18th Annual Meeting (March 20-21, 1991, Lexington, Kentucky, United States)

Abstracts and reports

Patrick D Colyer, 1991 proceedings editor and program chairman


Copyright 1991, the authors of the respective texts



General session

Presidential address. DE Hershman

Keynote address. P O'Connell

Invited speakers

Major Soybean Diseases of the Midwest and Their Management. TS Abney

Major Soybean Diseases of the Southeast and Their Management. WF Moore

Disease Resistance in the Defense of Yield: A Commercial Breeders Perspective. HL Gabe

Graduate student papers

Effects of potassium fertilization and weed control on the severity.of anthracnose and pod and stem blight of soybeans in Louisiana. FG Barker, GT Berggren, and JP Snow

Inheritance of soybean SDS response in segregating F5 derived lines. WJ Matthews, VN Njiti, PT Gibson, and ML Shenaut

Selection of soybean genotypes with superior field weathering qualities. SL Zimmerman and HC Minor

Southern stem canker epidemics: the infection window and the relationship between inoculation timing and yield of soybeans. GB Padgett, JP Snow, and GT Berggren

Comparison of southern and northern isolates of Diaporthe phaseolorum var. caulivora, the soybean stem canker pathogen. YH Lee and JP Snow

Contributed papers

Soybean sudden death syndrome cultivar response. PT Gibson, ML Shenaut, VN Njiti, W Matthews, M Schmidt, and O Myers

Chitinolytic fungi associated with Heterodera glycines in Missouri. P Donald and T Niblack

Sources of resistance to Heterodera glycines in soybean cultivars. SC Anand

J77-339: a soybean line highly susceptible and highly resistance to stem canker. AY Chambers

Comparison of inoculation methods for the evaluation of soybean resistance to stem canker. GL Sciumbato and BL Keeling

Evaluation of cultivars for stem canker resistance in an inoculated nursery. JP Snow and GB Padgett

Saprophytic ability of the soybean stem canker pathogen and formation of perithecia on host and non-host plants. YH Lee, KB SubbaRao, and JP Snow

Soybean yield losses due to leaf blights in Indiana. TS Abney and E Penaloza

Incidence of SCN in Ontario and the effect of planting date on yield losses. TR Anderson, TW Welacky, and H Olechowski

Influence of seven rotation options on Heterodera glycines egg densities and yield of Linford and Williams 82 soybean cultivars. GS Smith and T Niblack

Soybean-peanut rotations for the management of Meloidogyne arenaria. R Rodríguez-Kábana, DG Robertson, L Wells, and PS King

Tropical corn-soybean rotation in a field infested with root-knot and cyst nematodes. R Rodríguez-Kábana, DB Weaver, DG Robertson, CF Weaver, EL Carden, and MD Pegues

Long-term effects of bahiagrass-soybean rotation on soybean yields in a field infested with Meloidogyne arenaria and Heterodera glycines. R Rodríguez-Kábana, DB Weaver, DG Robertson, EL Carden, and MD Pegues

Sorghum-soybean rotations for the management of root-knot and cyst nematodes in South Alabama. R Rodríguez-Kábana, DB Weaver, DG Robertson, RW Young, EL Carden, and MD Pegues

Rival soybean seed treatments: a review of field performance. R Knake

Unified Soybean Disease Ratings. GR Bowers, Jr

Stem Canker Disease Rating. GR Bowers, Jr, PA Backman, JD Hicks, MA Newman

Business session

Southern United States Soybean Disease Loss Estimates for 1990. GL Sciumbato

Treasurer's report. GG Hammes

Committee Chairmen for 1990-1991

SSDW 1990 Award Recipients

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