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Southern Soybean Disease Workers: 44th Proceedings (March 8-9, 2017, Pensacola Beach, Florida, United States)


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Agenda for March 8-9, 2017

Contributed papers

Soybean cyst nematode: current status, challenges and opportunities. G Tylka and K Bissonnette

Updates of the 2nd SCN (Soybean Cyst Nematode) Coalition. Albert Tenuta

Developing management zones for nematodes in soybean. C Overstreet, EC McGawley, DM Xavier-Mis, and M Kularathna

Microbial communities associated with long-term tillage and fertilizer management practices. AY Srour, J Hackman, RL Cook, JP Bond, and AM Fakhoury

Microbial profile of SDS-suppressive soils in soybean fields. AY Srour, LFS Leonardo, DK Malvick, JP Bond, and AM Fakhoury

Understanding the phytobiome; using strip trials and spatial analysis to determine concomitant maladies in soybean fields. TN Spurlock and TL Kirkpatrick

Update on the importance and management strategies of root-knot nematode in Arkansas. T Faske

Student papers

The effect of abamectin on maturity group V soybean varieties (Glycine max) in root-knot (Meloidogyne incognita) nematode Infested fields of Alabama. W Groover, D Dodge, K Lawrence, E Sikora, and D Delaney

Reniform nematode in the variable soil texture of a Commerce silt loam soil. DM Xavier-Mis, C Overstreet, EC McGawley, and M Kularathna

Catenaria anguillulae: Potential biological control agent to aid in the management of Heterodera glycines (Soybean Cyst Nematode). DR Dyer, N Xiang, and KS Lawrence

New charcoal rot management strategies: supplementing secondary nutrients. TH Wilkerson, M Tomaso-Peterson, BR Golden, S Lu, AB Johnson, and TW Allen

The effects of cover crops on soil-borne seedling pathogens: a metagenomics study. JJ Hackman, AY Srour, JP Bond, RL Cook, and AM Fakhoury

Plant growth characteristics and yield of soybean as a result of fungicide-associated phytotoxicity. WJ Mansour, M Tomaso-Peterson, A Henn, JA Bond, JT Irby, and TW Allen

Evaluating thiophanate-methyl sensitivity as an alternative control option for QoI-resistant populations of Cercospora sojina in Mississippi. H Renfroe, N Brochard, M Tomaso-Peterson, and TW Allen

Target spot and potential resistance to QoI fungicides in Mississippi soybean. N Brochard, M Tomaso-Peterson, TW Allen, BH Bluhm, B Dhillon, and TR Faske

Target Spot Symposium

Contributed papers

Soybean rust: a threat to the soybean crop in the Midwest? E Sikora

Effect of variety, seed treatment, and in-furrow fungicide on taproot decline of soybean. P Price, T W Allen, H Pruitt, MA Purvis, M Tomaso-Peterson, and T Wilkerson

Coupling spore traps and quantitative PCR assays for detection of Cercospora sojina, the causal agent of soybean frogeye leaf spot. B Lin, A Mengistu, H Yu, and H Kelly

Frogeye leaf spot management: the UUOT part deux. TW Allen, TR Faske, CA Hollier, D Mueller, P Price, TN Spurlock, and H Kelly

Southern United States Soybean Disease Loss Estimates for 2016. TW Allen, CA Bradley, JP Damicone, NS Dufault, TR Faske, CA Hollier, T Isakeit, RC Kemerait, NM Kleczewski, RJ Kratochvil, HL Mehl, JD Mueller, C Overstreet, PP Price, EJ Sikora, TN Spurlock, L Thiessen, WJ Wiebold, and H Young

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