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Southern Soybean Disease Workers: Proceedings, 46th Annual Meeting (March 9-10, 2016, Pensacola Beach, Florida, United States)


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Southern United States Soybean Disease Loss Estimates for 2015. TW Allen, CA Bradley, JP Damicone, NS Dufault, TR Faske, CA Hollier, T Isakeit, RC Kemerait, NM Kleczewski, SR Koenning, HL Mehl, JD Mueller, C Overstreet, PP Price, EJ Sikora, TN Spurlock, and H Young

Soilborne Disease Symposium (Tom Allen, moderator)

Integrated management of sudden death syndrome. D Mueller, L Leandro, Y Kandel, C Bradley, M Chilvers, A Tenuta, and K Wise

Field screening for stem canker: an outdated exercise or a necessary service for soybean growers? K Rowe and T Kirkpatrick

Nematode associated diseases in soybean. C Overstreet, Edward C McGawley, D Xavier-Mis, and M Kularathna

Characterization of taproot decline in southern soybean. M Tomaso-Peterson, T Allen, P Price, R Singh, and T Spurlock

Frontline tactics to manage Phytophthora stem and root rot. A Robertson

Graduate student research competition (Travis Faske and Terry Spurlock, moderators)

Causative agents for the green stem disorder of soybeans in Louisiana. B Ward, C Robertson, and R Schneider

Solubilization of cercosporin and its use for reproducing symptoms of Cercospora leaf blight of soybean. E Silva, M Liu, J Zhang, C Robertson, Z Liu, and R Schneider

Effect of droplet size on foliar fungicide application in soybean. S Butler, H Kelly, T Mueller, and G Kruger

Virulence assessment of strobilurin-sensitive and -resistant Cercospora sojina, the causal agent of frogeye leaf spot in soybean. N Brochard, M Tomaso-Peterson, T Allen, and R Melanson

Application thresholds in controlling Cercospora sojina, the causal agent of frogeye leaf spot. J Jordan and H Kelly

Assessment of ILeVO for management of root-knot nematodes in soybean. C Jackson, T Faske, M Emerson, and K Hurd

Evaluating the physiological impacts of fungicide phytotoxicity in Mississippi soybean. J Mansour, M Tomaso-Peterson, A Henn., J Bond, T Irby, and T Allen

Benefit of secondary nutrition in reducing Macrophomina phaseolina colonization in Mississippi soybean T. Wilkerson, M. Tomaso-Peterson. B Golden, S Lu, A Johnson, and T Allen

Detection of a mycovirus from soybean rust and mycoviruses from other biotrophic fungi using a practical method for the extraction of viral dsRNA. R Herschlag, S Khankhum, and R Valverde

Effect of Macrophomina phaseolina inoculation, irrigation and cultivar on soybean yield. M Zaccaron and J Rupe

Contributed papers (Eduardo Silva, moderator)

Phenotypic characterization of Cercospora sojina isolates collected from wide geographical areas. A Mengistu, J Ray, J Smith, and H Kelly

Phenotypic characterization of Cercospora sojina isolates collected from wide geographical areas. A Mengistu, J Ray, J Smith, and H Kelly

Effect of flower and pod removal on soybean senescence and comparison to green bean syndrome. J Rupe, B Holland, and A Steger

Competition studies of QoI resistant and sensitive Cercospora sojina isolates, the causal agent of frogeye leaf spot. B Lin, H Kelly, H Yu, and A Mengistu

Frequency and distribution of QoI resistant Cercospora sojina in Virginia. H Mehl and T Zhou

A survey of Arkansas soybean nematodes, 2014-2015. K Sullivan, J Robinson, and T Kirkpatrick

Nuclear proteins controlling soybean rust resistance B. Cooper

Nuts, bolts, frogeye leaf spot, and the UUOT. T Allen, T Faske, C Hollier, P Price, T Spurlock, and H Young

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