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Coatings 2018, 8, 342


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The aim of this study was to provide a basis for the preparation of medical adhesives from soybean protein sources. Soybean protein (SP) adhesives mixed with different concentrations of xanthan gum (XG) were prepared. Their adhesive features were evaluated by physicochemical parameters and an in vitro bone adhesion assay. The results showed that the maximal adhesion strength was achieved in 5% SP adhesive with 0.5% XG addition, which was 2.6-fold higher than the SP alone. The addition of XG significantly increased the hydrogen bond and viscosity, as well as increased the β-sheet content but decreased the α-helix content in the second structure of protein. X-ray diffraction data showed significant interactions between SP molecules and XG. Scanning electron microscopy observations showed that the surface of SP adhesive modified by XG was more viscous and compact, which were favorable for the adhesion between the adhesive and bone. In summary, XG modification caused an increase in the hydrogen bonding and zero-shear viscosity of SP adhesives, leading to a significant increase in the bond strength of SP adhesives onto porcine bones.