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Copyright 2018 Michelle E Howell, Rebecca L Roston


Model file name: Helix_H2O_sphere2.dae

Authors: Michelle E Howell, Rebecca L Roston

This is a teaching model of a space fill representation of a protein α-helix (PDB: 3vjo). A space fill water molecule is also represented to illustrate the lack of space down the axis of an α-helix. This model can accompany a corresponding stick representation, a kinked α-helix, and a β-sheet. This model is designed to accompany a teaching module illustrating protein secondary structure and function. The printable model is already uploaded to in the MacroMolecules shop under the name “Helix and Water (Space-fill)”. This model has been printed successfully using these parameters on Shapeways’ binder jetting printer in the Coated Full Color Sandstone material.