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Published in Journal of the New York Entomological Society August 2004 : Vol. 112, Issue 2 & 3, pp. 205-211.


Five new synonyms and ten new combinations are proposed for taxa in Elaphidiini. Brief characterizations of the genera involved (Anelaphus Linsley, Anopliomorpha Linsley, Elaphidion Audinet- Serville, Parelaphidion Skiles, Stizocera Audinet-Serville, Trichophoroides Linsley, Xeranoplium Linsley) are included to provide bases for these taxonomic decisions. The following new combinations are proposed, all transferred from Elaphidion: Anelaphus cinnabarinum (Fisher); Anelaphus crispulum (Fisher); Anelaphus mutatum (Gahan); Anelaphus fasciatum (Fisher); Anelaphus hispaniolae (Fisher); Anopliomorpha antillarum (Fisher); Trichophoroides dozieri (Fisher); Trichophoroides signaticolle (Chevrolat); Trichophoroides variolosum (Fisher); Xeranoplium gracilis (Fisher). The following new synonymies are proposed: Elaphidion truncatipenne Fisher with Anelaphus fasciatum (Fisher); Elaphidion monticola Fisher and Anopliomorpha xylebora Cazier & Lacey with Anopliomorpha antillarum (Fisher); Elaphidion jamaicensis Fisher with Elaphidion tuberculicolle Fisher; Stizocera punctiventris (Cazier & Lacey) with Stizocera insulana (Gahan). A checklist of the 55 species of Elaphidion is provided.

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