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Published in PROC. ENTOMOL. SOC. WASH. 110(1), 2008, pp. 263–264.


‘‘By Golly’’ was Don’s strongest oath. He was a gentle, unassuming person, a conscientious scientist, and a dutiful colleague. Don passed away on his 75th birthday, Dec. 27, 2005, of congestive heart failure at a nursing home in western New York. He had retired in 1990 from his position as research entomologist in the Systematic Entomology Laboratory, USDA at the Natural History Museum in Washington, DC. Following his retirement he had worked every day of every other week at the museum, spending his alternate week in Hinsdale, New York. In Jan. 2002, while looking after his sister’s affairs in Wisconsin following her death, he suffered a severe stroke, after which he lived in nursing homes in Wisconsin and New York, looked after in both places by good family friends and loyal cousins.

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