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Published in J. New York Entomol. Soc. 112(1):37–55, 2004.


An intensive survey for Cerambycidae of El Yunque National Forest and many of the state forests in Puerto Rico showed 49 species representing over half of the hitherto reported species from the Island. Two tribes and four genera are recorded from Puerto Rico for the first time. The description of a new genus, Pseudothonalmus Guerrero, is included. Four new species are described: Elateropsis julio Lingafelter and Micheli, Pseudothonalmus woodleyi Lingafelter, Micheli, and Guerrero, Styloleptus taino Lingafelter and Micheli, and Distenia puertoricensis Lingafelter and Micheli. The larva of Parandra tavakiliani is described. Locality data and method of collection are provided for all encountered Cerambycidae.

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