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Published in Zootaxa 1311: 13–50 (2006).


A complex of lady beetle species including Cycloneda germainii (Crotch) is reviewed and seven valid species recognized, including C. germainii, C. eryngii (Mulsant), C. sicardi (Brèthes), C. boliviana (Mulsant), and three new species, C. lacrimosa González & Vandenberg, n. sp., C. disconsolata Vandenberg & González, n. sp., and C. patagonica González & Vandenberg, n. sp. Cycloneda duplaris (Berg) and Arrowella albilacus Brèthes, previously synonymized with C. areata Mulsant, are placed as new synonyms of C. germainii; C. boliviana is removed from synonymy with C. areata and reinstated as a full species; C. sicardi (Brèthes) is recognized as the valid replacement name for C. areata Mulsant. All seven species in the C. germainii species complex are diagnosed, described, and illustrated. Geographical distributions, prey associations (when known), and a key to species are provided. The occurrence of Coccinellini species with reduced (10 or 9) or variable numbers of antennomeres is noted for the first time, as well as loss of gender-specific color pattern polymorphism in some of the species studied.

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