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Published in REVUE SUISSE DE ZOOLOGIE 113 (2): 307-323; juin 2006.


Taygete sphecophila (Meyrick) (Lepidoptera; Autostichidae) is reported on the Galapagos Islands. The morphology of the moth, larva, and pupa are described and illustrated in details. Part of the mitochondrial DNA was sequenced and made available on GenBank. The incidence of predation by T. sphecophila on nests of Polistes versicolor Olivier (Hymenoptera; Vespidae) was measured in four different vegetation zones of Floreana and Santa Cruz Islands. The percentages of infested nests varied greatly (from 13.9% to 66.7% on Floreana and from 20.0 to 100% on Santa Cruz) and no clear ecological trends could be ascertained.

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