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Published in J. New York Entomol. Soc. 106(1):1-55, 1998.


Thirty-one species of Glaphyriinae (Crambidae: Pyraloidea) from Costa Rica are reviewed, including nine new species: Aureopteryx olufsoni, Eupoca haakei, Glaphyria tetra spina, Glaphyria spinacrista, Glaphyria stellaspina, Glaphyria spinasingularis, Lipocosma rosalia, Lipocosma pitilla, and Lipocosma fonsecai. Lipocosma teliferalis Dyar is a junior synonym of Lipocosma punctissimalis Dyar, Lipocosma plagalis Schaus is a junior synonym of Lipocosma ausonialis (Druce), and Parambia gleanealis Dyar is a junior synonym of Parambia gnomosynalis Dyar. A key to the identification of Costa Rican species is provided. The presence of a pseudognathos in the male genitalia and modified scales on the area between CuA2 and CuP of the hind wing are discussed.

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