Department of Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education


Principal as Technology Leader

Doreen Gosmire, University of South Dakota
Marilyn L. Grady, University of Nebraska–Lincoln

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Many of us have experienced buying a new car or a “new to you” car. We are very protective of our investment. During the past three decades, the financial investment of owning a car has risen by 300%. This causes us to be cautious about maintenance and in whose hands we place the keys. Technology expenditures and usage in schools have also risen by nearly 300% during the last three decades. Beyond being accountable for these significant expenditures, however, what actions should principals take to ensure that technology is successfully implemented? Few principals claim to be technology experts. Most aspire to design a map that leads their schools to success with educational technology. The key to success on the journey is not to know everything, but to ask the right questions. Answering the following 10 questions will help principals lead others to technology success.