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Published in Responding to a New Vision for Teacher Development: Selected Papers from the 2006 Central States Conference, eds. Dave McAlpine and Stephanie Dhonau (Eau Claire, WI: Crown Prints), pp. 63-74.


Copyright © 2006 Central States Conference on the Teacing of Foreign Languages


The teaching and learning of a language has changed significantly as a result of the introduction of the World Wide Web and multimedia in the classroom. Innovative software, Web-based quiz makers, and interactive Websites provide venues for language learning inside and outside the classroom. While these technological advances can provide efficient and effective ways to teach and learn language, there are also challenges that have limited the integration and expansion of technology use in the classroom. This article focuses on two of these challenges: a) creating a critical mass of teachers who know and can use technology and b) using technology to motivate learners and to increase language and cultural proficiency in ways that focus students on specific objectives and content that reinforce the language curriculum.