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Published in Traditional Values and Contemporary Perspectives in Language Teaching: Selected Papers from the 2003 Central States Conference, eds. Karen Hardy Cardenas and Marsha Klein (Valdosta, GA: Valdosta State University), pp. 53-70.


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Modeling a computer supported learning environment in teacher education can result in teachers who are "far more confident, skilled, and motivated to use computers with their own students" (Johnson, 2002). According to Johnson (2002) evidence is beginning to confirm that such modeling" is most effective in preparing teachers to integrate technology into their classroom" (p.74). A review of the literature on instructional technology (IT) and teacher education concluded (Willis & Mehlinger, 1996) :

Most pre-service teachers know very little about effective use of technology in education and leaders believe there is a pressing need to increase substantially the amount and quality of instruction teachers receive about technology .... The virtually universal conclusion is that teacher education, particularly pre-service, is not preparing educators to work in a technology-enriched classroom (p. 978).

The studies Willis and Mehlinger reviewed indicated that a large number of students in teacher education progr;ms enrolled in some coursework in IT, but the coursework was not tied to curriculum, methods, field experience, or practice teaching. In 1997, the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCA TE) conducted a review of its accreditation program with regard to technology. It found that technology was treated as a supplement to the teacher education curriculum, not as a topic incorporated across the entire teacher education program. Consequently pre-service teachers were provided instruction in JT but were rarely required to apply this technology in their courses. It also found that few education faculty members employed technology in their own work.