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Hamann, E. T. & Hopson, R. K. (2015). Series Editors’ Foreword. In S. Vandeyar & T. Vandeyar, The Construction, Negotiation, and Representation of Immigrant Student Identities in South African Schools (pp. ix-xi). Charlotte NC: Information Age Publishing.


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As much as there are reasons for optimism as one thinks about changes in South Africa, Africa, and the United States in relation to the transcendence of racial differentiation and hierarchy, this book is a reminder of how both harrowing and incomplete that journey is. This book, a crucial addition from the Global South to the scholarship on immigrant students' schooling, depicts how salient and fraught racial identity, both asserted and ascribed, continues to be for the negotiation of school in South Africa. Immigrant students are loathed and marginalized for their accents and 'foreign' ways, and yet they are also stereotyped and viewed jealously as more serious and committed students than their native-born Black peers.