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Lewis, E.B., Augustyn, L., Frederick, A., Garrett, A., Lucas, L., Musson, A., and Rivero, A. (2016). Noyce Science Teacher Master of Arts with emphasis in Science Teaching Program: Meeting Challenges of 21st Century Classrooms. Noyce Track I, Phase I Final Report. University of Nebraska-Lincoln. (* Authors listed in alphabetical order after PI)


Supported by a National Science Foundation Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship & Stipends (Track I, Phase I) Grant: DUE-1035358.


To meet the state’s and the nation’s need for more highly qualified science teachers, the 14-month Master of Arts with emphasis in science teaching (MAst) program was established in the College of Education’s Department of Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, along with a Robert Noyce, Track I, Phase I grant from the National Science Foundation, awarded in 2010. This report presents a summary of the accomplishments of this Noyce grant, in which 60 post-baccalaureate science majors and professionals were provided with Noyce stipends to become science teachers. The MAst program is now in its sixth year, producing an average of 10 new science teachers per year. The project team, led by Dr. Elizabeth Lewis, was also awarded a second Noyce grant in 2015 to support 30 more individuals to become science teachers along with funding to continue to research the practices of beginning science teachers. The MAst program engages science professionals in a research-informed program of study that supports them in developing the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to meet the challenges of the modern American secondary science classroom.