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Fall 2017


Hamann, E. T., & Morgenson, C. (2017). Dispatches from Flyover Country: Four Appraisals of Impacts of Trump’s Immigration Policy on Families, Schools, and Communities. Anthropology & Education Quarterly, 48(4): 393-402. DOI:10.1111/aeq.12214


Copyright © 2017 by the American Anthropological Association. Used by permission.


A university professor and high school ESL teacher, both based in Lincoln Nebraska, each write two short essays that detail implications of the Trump administration immigration policies for students, teachers, schools, and communities. The first two dispatches come from the transition period (after Trump won but while Obama still presided) while the latter two come from the 50-day mark of the Trump presidency. Juxtaposing voices contrasts overarching impact with the local; juxtaposing chronologies allows comparison of political promises and threats to early actions and reactions.