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Published in International Journal of Current Research Vol. 9, Issue, 04, pp.49223-49229, April, 2017.


Copyright © 2017, Iwasan D. Kejawa. This open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution license, which permits distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.


Are outdated traditional education, distance education, information technological infrastructure, partnerships and financial resources common problematic issues facing many of the educational institutions in our world today? With this into considerations, are these issues vital in order to stabilize the political and economic embroidery of an institution or organization, and its psychological and sociological awareness? What is it that is to be learned and thought in our institutions and, what really is lifelong education; and how is to be carried out in the society of ours? It is found that education may be the training of the mind to perform desire functions or to perpetuate the modality of obtaining an end or result. Actually, the accessibility of distance education by lifelong learners may be hindered by unavailability of enough technical and economical supports.