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2007 Report of the Central States Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages


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Aleidine J. Moeller, Editor
Janine Theiler, Assistant Editor

I. Embracing Technology: Tools Teacher Can Use to Improve Language Learning Introduction to the section: Frauke Hachtmann, Katie Hayes, Leyla Masmaliyeva, Malia Perkins

1 Rich Internet Applications for Language Learning — Dennie Hoopingarner and Vineet Bansal

2 Leveraging Podcasting for Language Learning — Dan Schmit

3 Using PowerPoint Templates to Enhance Student Presentations — J. Sanford Dugan

II. Teacher Education and Professional Development: Agents of Change Introduction to the section: Silvia Betta and Janine Theiler

4 Preparing for the ACTFL/NCATE Program Report: Three Case Studies — Susan Colville-Hall, Bonnie Fonseca-Greber, and Isabel Cavour

5 Preparing Teacher Candidates to Integrate Technology in the Foreign Language Classroom: A Teacher Educator’s Perspective — Elvira Sanatullov-Allison and Marat Sanatullov

6 Training Elementary World Language Teachers to Use an Immersion-based Approach: Modeling and Methods Instruction Delivered via Video/DVD — Jean M. Hindson

7 Action Research on a Technology Integrated Elementary School Foreign Language Methods Course — Marcia Harmon Rosenbusch and Hsueh-Hua Chuang

8 National Board Certification in World Languages: A Worthwhile Journey — Meg Graham

9 Enhancing Learner Self-Efficacy through Continuous Self-Assessment: Implications for the Foreign Language Classroom — Javier Coronado-Aliegro

III. Teaching Culture through Divergent Paths — Introduction to the section: Gabriel Cote and Amy Struthers

10 Japanese Language and Culture Learning through E-mail Communication — Yuki Ozawa

11 A Road Less Traveled: The Chemin de Saint-Jacques from LePuy to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port — Lisa Signori, Steven M. Gardner, and Carlos Mentley