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2008 Report of the Central States Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages


© 2008 Central States Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages


Selected Papers from the 2008 Central States Conference

Adeiline J. Moeller, Editor

Janine Theiler, Assistant Editor

Silvia Betta, Assistant Editor

1 The Important Work of Engaging Our 21st Century Learners — Toni Theisen

2 A Model for Teaching Cross-Cultural Perspectives — Susan M. Knight

3 The Stealth Approach to Critical Thinking in Beginning Spanish Classes — Deanna H. Mihaly

4 Teaching About the French Heritage of the Midwest — Randa Duvick

5 Integrating Russian Cuisine with Russian Language and Culture Classes — Marat Sanatullov

6 Preparing a Fotonovela in the Foreign Language Classroom — Carol Eiber

7 Engaging Students through Hybrid Course Materials — Angelika Kraemer

8 Digital Recordings and Assessment: An Alternative for Measuring Oral Proficiency — Peter B. Swanson & Patricia Early

9 Motivation in the Foreign Language Classroom by Elimination of Winners and Losers: Mastery Goals versus Performance Goals — Rebecca A. Barrett

10 Differentiated Instruction – One Size Does Not Fit All! — Ekaterina Koubek

11 Bellringer Reading — Silvia Hyde