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Hamann, E. T., Zúñiga, V., & Sánchez García, J. (2018). Where Should My Child Go to School? Parent and Child Considerations in Binational Families. In M. T. de Guzman, J. Brown, & C. Edwards (Eds.), Parenting from Afar: The Reconfiguration of the Family Across Distance (pp. 339-350). New York: Oxford University Press.


Copyright © 2018 Oxford University Press. Used by permission.


Using examples encountered from our multi-year study of students encountered in Mexican schools with prior experience in US schools, we look at transnationally-tied families’ decision-making regarding where to send their children to school and ask whether parents should ‘parent from afar’. We don’t pose that as a question about ideals— what would be best if parents had economic security and unambiguous legal residential status— but rather as a more pragmatic one. Given some parents’ and children’s limited agency in real- world circumstances, what is their best path forward?