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Teaching and Teacher Education 24 (2008), pp. 1705–1716.

doi: 10.1016/j.tate.2008.03.003


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In this study, we employ a curricular conceptual lens of the particular to explore the experience of multicultural education from the perspective of an immigrant student, Raj. Using a school-based narrative inquiry approach, we learn about Raj’s experiences at the intersections of immigration and settlement, adaptation and assimilation, English-language acquisition, unemployment, poverty, family violence, and family relocation. We employ Dewey’s [(1938). Experience and education. New York: Simon & Schuster] theory of experience, Connelly and Clandinin’s [(1988). Teachers as curriculum planners: Narratives of experience. New York: Teachers College Press, Columbia] understanding of curriculum as experience, and Schwab’s [(1969). The practical: A language for curriculum. School Review, 78, 1–23] theory of the particular as theoretical frameworks upon which to examine and analyze interactions and events.