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Date of this Version

Summer 2020


Hamann, E. T. (2020). Partners, not adversaries: Higher Education and Diverse Schools. Practicing Anthropology, 42(3), 52-56.


Often education researchers enter schools only to depict inequity and weak practice, but the same empirical skills that illuminate challenges can, under a different premise, illuminate excellence. This chapter describes how graduate students enrolled in an “Effecting High School Improvement” course helped a diverse public high school document its excellence and win National Education Policy Center (NEPC) recognition as a 'School of Opportunity'. Although this case is unique in specific detail, other school/higher education partnerships could clearly function like this one did. Good schools may not have staff to document their multifaceted responsiveness to diverse enrollments, but, with university assistance, they can. In turn, such efforts to ‘document the good’ can provide important practice, from both a research methods standpoint and as an ethical stance, for scholars in preparation