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Published in Doing Fieldwork at Home: The Ethnography of Education in Familiar Contexts, edited by Loukia K. Sarroub and Claire Nicholas. Pp. 1–5, 165–177, 186, 187.


Copyright © 2021 by Loukia K. Sarroub and Claire Nicholas. Published by Rowman & Littlefield.


In this volume, we attempt to better understand ethnographic research on education in local contexts wherein the researcher has regular contact and social relationships with the intended research participants. Recent disciplinary trends find ethnographers increasingly engaged in research in settings familiar to them, such as their own workplaces, leisure spaces, neighborhoods, and communities. The study of such practices illuminates interconnected methodological, ethical, and analytical dilemmas. It also offers opportunities for methodological innovation, explicates and challenges the effects of educational policies and practices, and interrogates and develops theories about educational structures, policies, and experiences. Our aim is to highlight the agency of educational actors and provide accounts of how the everyday practices of those engaged in education are instrumental in social reproduction.