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Yang, M., Oh, Y., Lim, S., Kim, T., Teaching with resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic: Korean teachers and collective professionalism, Teaching and Teacher Education (2023), Volume 126, May 2023, 104051



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This study applies system-focused resilience and collaborative professionalism to examine how teachers in Korea collectively developed resilience and transformed teaching during COVID-19. Using qualitative data from seven individual interviews and four focus groups, we found Korean teachers navigated complex challenges (rapidly changing policies, online teaching, exacerbated learning gaps, and excessive social pressure) and utilized contextual resources (collective autonomy and flexibility, solidity and solidarity, and collective responsibility) to develop strategies (collaborative inquiry, timely communication, and envisioning the future of schooling). The study extends teacher resilience toward more collective and communal, from the individual level, by linking resilience to collaborative systemic changes.

Highlights: • Korean teachers show transformability as a critical element of resilience during COVID-19. • Contextual resources are mobilized to develop strategies for teachers to overcome unexpected challenges. • Collaborative professionalism is the key to building collective resilience in the teaching profession. • The conception of teacher resilience needs to be expanded as collective and communal forms beyond the individual level. • Collective resilience strengthens long-term teacher development and sustains the teaching profession.