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Hamann, E. T. & Harklau, L. (2022). Changing faces and persistent patterns for education in the New Latinx Diaspora. In E.G. Murillo (Ed.), Handbook of Latinos and Education (2nd edition) (pp. 81-92). Routledge.


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The study of education in the New Latino/a/x1 Diaspora (NLD) was initiated in the 1990s with an understanding that education research from regions where the Latino/a/x presence is long-standing might not always fit well for places where Latino/a/x populations were newer and where histories of discrimination, political organizing, and resistance were much more limited. This chapter is the fourth in a series of "bigger picture" examinations of the status of education in the NLD over the past two decades (following Hamann, Wortham, and Murillo [2002] and Hamann and Harklau [2010, 2015]). Like previous iterations, this chapter points to gaps visible in hindsight and lays out new trends and directions.

1. Here we adopt the somewhat awkward and contingent form Latino/a/x, recognizing the gender bias and binaries implied in Latino, but also emerging critiques of the term Latinx