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February 2002


Published in Teachers College Record, Volume 104, Number 1, February 2002, pp. 13-29. Copyright by Teachers College, Columbia University 0161-4681. Used by permission.


This is an excellent book that brings together under one cover many of the most important ideas of the fields of anthropology and qualitative sociology of education or, to use the editor Bradley Levinson's more expansive phrase, of "the interpretive social sciences" (p. 1). The book is divided into five sections, plus an introduction and an afterword. Each section begins with an introductory essay authored by the section editor. Bradley Levinson is the author of the book's introduction and editor of the first section ("Section I: The Symbolic Animal: Foundations of Education in Cultural Transmission and Acquisition"). Section 11, "Culture, Modernization, and Formal Education," is edited by Margaret Sutton, Levinson's colleague at Indiana University. Section 111, "School Practice and Community Life: Cultural Congruence, Conflict, and Discontinuity," is edited by Michele Foster. Section "Cultural Production and Reproduction in Contemporary Schools," is co-edited by Kathryn Borman, Amy Fox, and Levinson. Section V, "New Directions in the Study of Culture, Learning, and Education," is edited by Margaret Eisenhart. The book finishes with an afterword entitled "Implications for Educational Policy and Practice" that is co-authored by Levinson and Margaret Sutton.