Department of Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education


First Advisor

Carmon W. Hicks

Date of this Version



A practicum report presented to the Doctor of Higher Education Leadership Program in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Doctor of Education

Nova Southeastern University, June 2005


According to the previous survey conducted by Florida Atlantic University Student Academic Affairs department in 2001, it was indicated that faculty uses of teaching and learning technologies/electronic instruction media to teach and deliver their lectures at the college were lacking.

With the current research study, investigations were thoroughly made and suggestions are provided on the improvement of faculty performance in the use of technologies at the institution to teach and convey knowledge to their students. In this report, the institutional personnel and its administration are made aware whether all existing technologies are being optimally used by faculty. This study also conveys and enumerates and recommends the performance enhancements of the use of technologies to the institution.

The survey performed earlier, found that there was deficiency in the use of technological learning tools such as electronic blackboards-computers, e-mails, audio-visual tools and projectors, etc. – instead faculty tends to rely on textbooks, oral presentations and past experiences with limited or without the use of technologies or computers.

The question addressed by this research is: Is faculty using all phases of technology to teach and convey instructions to students appropriately? This report reveals the result of the usage of technologies/electronic media in teaching and the level of use. It reveals whether faculty is using all the combinations of technological accorded to them, such as projectors, email, inter-net, videodiscs, teleconferencing, power point, television and movies, at any point in the delivery of lectures.

The result of the current study demarcates the result of the previous survey. It is found that nearly all the faculty are utilizing projectors, email, inter-net, videodiscs, teleconferencing, power point, television, electronic boards and movies in teaching and conveying instructions/lectures to their students. According to the result, about 95% of the faculty uses some forms of electronic media to teach and convey knowledge to their students.

It was expected that the result attained from this study will greatly contribute to the improvement of the use of technology in delivering lectures by faculty at the university (FAU). It was also expected that administration will surely have thorough knowledge as to whether faculty is effectively using technology to deliver lectures with the technology amenities and training provided thus far. This evaluation of the use of Electronic Media/Technology by faculty in the delivery of instructions was very important because the use of technology in teaching promotes effective ways of teaching. The result of this study would be great benefit to the institution because it determined whether technologies /instructional electronic media are used in teaching and convey knowledge to students effectively and efficiently. The positive result of this research may increase the integrity of the institution.

Advisor: Carmon W. Hicks