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Project completed for a non-thesis Master's Degree program at University of nebraska-Lincoln, under advisorship of Guy Trainin. It is a course description of the curriculum I am applying to my first year of teaching at Southwest High School in Lincoln, NE.


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Process is hugely contrasting among all artists around the world. Each artist has their own way of developing a way of thinking, seeing and making to reach their need to get something out (or in simpler terms, create art). In this middle school art class, students will explore the different mediums of art with strict guidelines of craft and technique but freedom in the subject of what they can create on their own. It is important for 6th grade students to cooperate with each other to solve problems and create an identity through their own art making process. Dewey explains experience, “Under conditions of resistance and conflict, aspects and elements of the self and the world that are implicated in this interaction qualify experience with emotions and ideas so that conscious intent emerges. Oftentimes, however, the experience had is inchoate. Things are experienced but not in such a way that they are composed into an experience. There is distraction and dispersion; what we observe and what we think, what we desire and what we get, are at odds with each other. We put our hands to the plow and turn back; we start and then we stop, not because the experience has reached the end for the sake of which it was initiated but because of extraneous interruptions…”

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