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Published in International Journal of Recent Advances in Multidisciplinary Research

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A practicum report presented to Higher Education Leadership Program in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Education Nova Southeastern University June, 2004


Copyright (c) 2004 Iwasan D. Kejawa & Carmon Weaver


Due to social, economical, physiological and technological changes in our environment, the School District of Palm Beach County is preparing to satisfy the learning needs of the adult learners by developing Artificial Intelligence courses that will enable them to adapt to changes in their environment. This calls for the implementation of an artificial intelligence systems curriculum as one of the preparation and several measures of adult student learning.

The research question is: “What should be included in a curriculum for adult learners to acquire knowledge and to improve and transfer their knowledge?” The research question was answered by a thorough review of literature on the subject of intelligence systems.

The formative committee provided a magnitude detail and attention to the creation of the curriculum guide. Suggestions were made by the formative committee concerning the content of the artificial intelligence development curriculum guide and its implementation. The initial draft of the curriculum was review by the formative committee and a feedback was relayed to the researcher.

The summative committee effectively judged the curriculum design, and the curriculum guide was validated by the committee. It was recommended that the Artificial Intelligence Curriculum be applied only to adult learners at the Adult education center of the Palm Beach School District. It was certain that the curriculum adhered to the School District mission, that is to provide excellence and well rounded education to individual adult and displaced student.