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March 1990


Published in Textile Research Journal, 60, no.3 (March 1990), pp. 172–179. Copyright 1990 Textile Research Institute.


UV absorbers and antioxidants topically applied to upholstery fabrics to reduce fading, separately and in conjunction with soil repellent finish formulations containing UV absorbers, were evaluated in this study. Over fifty upholstery fabrics were initially evaluated and fourteen were selected for further study. The fabrics were then topically treated with commercially available soil repellent finishes (a fluorocarbon and a silicone finish) containing UV absorbers or immersion-treated with one of thirteen UV absorbers or antioxidants. Following light exposure, color changes were evaluated visually and instrumentally. The results showed that neither the fluorocarbon nor silicone-based soil repellent finishes containing UV absorbers significantly reduced fading in the upholstery fabrics. Furthermore none of the UV absorbers and antioxidants applied to the upholstery fabrics improved lightfastness properties substantially, so they cannot be recommended as additives to soil repellent finish formulations.