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K. Walter. Country of Origin Impact on Consumer Perception of Value in Fast Fashion. 2019. UNL Digital Commons. Accessed from http://digitalcommons.unl.edu/textilesdiss


A THESIS Presented to the Faculty of The Graduate College at the University of Nebraska In Partial Fulfillment of Requirements For the Degree of Master of Science, Major: Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design, Under the Supervision of Professor Jennifer Jorgensen. Lincoln, Nebraska: December, 2019

Copyright 2019 Katherine Walter


With fast fashion growing rapidly, insight onto consumers perception of the value for the country of origin in this sector of the retail industry is a topic that needs to be delved into deeper. While there are studies over the impact of country of origin and fast fashion separately, the correlation between these two dimensions has yet to be reviewed. The purpose of this study is to identify consumers perception of the overall value of fast fashion merchandise based on country of origin. Through a questionnaire, participants were asked open and closed-ended questions about specific factors of value based on country of origin in apparel products. These factors included perceived innovativeness, willingness to buy, perceived price, country familiarity, and quality. Through Amazon Mechanical Turk, participants were recruited to take this virtual survey. Because of the popularity of fast fashion with Millennial's and their growing purchasing power, the outcomes of this study are tailored to this generation. The implications of this study can be used throughout the retail and fashion industries. When decisions of outsourcing or in-sourcing products are being made, understanding how the country of origin impacts their perception of value will provide critical information companies and brands in all retail sectors can use.

Advisor: Jennifer Jorgensen