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1991. Transactions of the Nebraska Academy of Sciences, XVIII: 109-126. Copyright © 1991 Hardy.


A botanical survey of Banner County resulted in a total of 432 species of vascular plants being recorded, representing 238 genera of 70 families. Two hundred seven of these species had not previously been collected in Banner County. One (Penstemon buckleyi) is newly collected for Nebraska. These collections represent four major plant communities: coniferous forest, native prairie, riparian and stream habitat, and disturbed sites. Banner County has four distinct topographical regions (Platte River Valley, Wildcat Hills, Pumpkin Creek Valley, and Cheyenne Tableland) that provide varying habitats for plants. The transition areas between these units have habitats that provide refugia for plants from other regions. A list of the plants recorded from Banner County with the areas where they are found is presented.

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