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1991. Transactions of the Nebraska Academy of Sciences, XVIII: 19-29. Copyright © 1991 Holman and Schloeder.


The Pliocene (Early Blancan, 3.8 Ma) herpetofauna of the Lisco C Quarry of Garden County, Nebraska, consists of at least two anurans, two testudines, four saurians, and ten snakes. Only one of these, Sceloporus cf. S. robustus Twente, is extinct. An eastern extralimital form, Elaphe vulpina (Baird and Girard) and possibly another, Storeria sp., occur in the Lisco C fauna. It is suggested that the Lisco C herpetofauna may indicate a cooler, moister paleoclimate than the later Blancan Sand Draw (3.5 Ma), Big Springs (2.5 Ma), and Hornets' Nest (2.0 Ma) herpetofaunas of Nebraska. The Lisco C herpetofauna could have lived in a habitat consisting of a small oxbow-pond surrounded by a marshy area giving way to a terrestrial situation.

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