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1989: Transactions of the Nebraska Academy of Sciences XVII: 71-79. Copyright © 1989, Kaul.


Two species of Erythronium grow in the eastern quarter of Nebraska, but there are none elsewhere in the State. Erythronium albidum is locally abundant, mostly in upland bur oak forests, and has been collected in 18 counties since 1864. Erythronium mesochoreum is becoming rare because its habitat--virgin tall-grass prairie--is disappearing. It is known to grow now in six east-central counties, but it probably could be found in some remnant prairies in all counties south and east of the Platte and Big Blue rivers, respectively. Distributional data about these species is herein brought up to date relative to earlier published reports. Although the literature suggests that the two species are not always clearly distinct, observations of living specimens in Nebraska mostly support their status as separate species.