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1985. Transactions of the Nebraska Academy of Sciences, XIII: 1-3. Copyright © 1985 Pritchard


Dr. G(eorge) Robert Coatney was known to many as "Mr. Malaria" because of the leadership he provided for the malaria research and chemotherapy programs during World War II and the Korean War. He is known to many of us affectionately as "Dr. Bob." I first met Dr. Bob early in my parasitological career when he would come to Lincoln to visit his mother and other family members. He often visited Harold W. Manter, too. Although they only brushed shoulders in 1926 as Coatney was leaving and Manter was arriving at the University of Nebraska, the two developed a firm and lasting friendship when Coatney taught in Nebraska. Later, Dr. Bob became a major donor of the Harold W. Manter Laboratory. In addition to journals, nearly a thousand reprints, and copies of his authoritative books on malaria, he entrusted to the Laboratory a six-drawer wooden case specially made by a Chinese carpenter in Malaya to contain Dr. Bob's personal set of malaria slides, "probably the only collection of all the exoerythrocytic (E.E.) bodies ever described."

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