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1983. Transactions of the Nebraska Academy of Sciences, XI:31-52. Copyright © 1983 Nickol and Samuel


Examination of more than 2,700 fishes from 71 sites throughout Nebraska revealed the presence of nine species of Acanthocephala: Leptorhynchoides thecatus, Neoechinorhynchus cristatus, N. cylindratus, N. prolixus, N. rutili, Octospinifer macilentus, Paulisentis missouriensis, Pomphorhynchus bulbocolli, and Tanaorhamphus longirostris. fishes from the reservoir at the state recreation area at Atkinson were more frequently parasitized by Acanthocephala than those from any other site. At that reservoir fishes harbored four of the nine species known from the state. In general, fishes in lakes of the Sand Hills were more frequently and densely parasitized by Acanthocephala than those in other regions.

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