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1981. Transactions of the Nebraska Academy of Sciences, IX:67-85. Copyright © 1981 Wellstead


Measured sections demonstrate the positions of the Norden Bridge an, Egelhoff fossil quarries in the local stratigraphy and show Egelhoff Quarry to be topographically higher. The sections do not resolve the relative stratigraphic positions of the quarries. Descriptions of sediments at the two quarries demonstrate that coarser sediments exist at Norden Bridge Quarry. However, these coarse sediments, as well as the fossil remains of large vertebrates, are limited to two particular beds at Norden Bridge Quarry, while three other beds comprise sediments either finer or statistically indistinguishable from those at Egelhoff Quarry. The association of large clasts and large bones suggests hydraulic sorting of these sedimentary particles and supports the suggestion, that the difference in fossil faunas between the two quarries is depositional. Evaluation of cross-strata sets at both quarries indicates that local paleocurrents do not reflect the easterly regional dip of local Tertiary strata.

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