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1980. Transactions of the Nebraska Academy of Sciences, VIII: 35 -54. Copyright © 1980 Maret and Peters


During April through October 1977 we investigated the distribution of stream fishes from Salt Creek Basin in southeastern Nebraska. A total of 18,560 individuals representing 12 families and 34 species was taken from 125 collections at 102 different localities. Each collected species is reported in the form of an annotated list. Pimephales promelas, Notropis stramineus, N. lutrensis, Lepomis cyanellus. and Ictalurus melas were most frequently collected. The general low diversity of fish species at most collection sites indicates that the environment in these small streams is quite unstable. Comparisons with previous surveys of the fish fauna in this drainage are evaluated. The results represent base-line data which may be used for future studies of fish fauna and concomitant water-quality changes.

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