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Published in Transactions of the Nebraska Academy of Sciences, Volume 2 (1973).


Copyright 1973 by the author(s).


Physical features pertinent to the flora of Dawes County are summarized. A checklist of the known taxa with notes on ecology and origin of each form follows the Literature cited.

This study was undertaken because the need for a reasonably complete list of flowering plants and for a plant collection of the Chadron vicinity has been felt in the botany courses taught at Chadron State College.

The plants reported in this annotated list were collected from several sites throughout the county by the authors during the 1970 and 1971 growing seasons. However, in order to make the list more complete, plants which were already in the collection at Chadron State College are included, as are those reported from a nearby site in Sioux County.

Little floristic research has been published specifically on this area. Tolstead (1947) presented a general survey of the vegetation for the Pine Ridge, and Nixon (1967) did a vegetational study of a site in Sheridan County.

Dawes County is located in northwestern Nebraska. It borders South Dakota on the north and only Sioux County separates it from Wyoming on the west.