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Published in Transactions of the Nebraska Academy of Sciences, Volume 3 (1976).


Copyright 1976, the authors.


Recent field work in Nebraska by staff of the University of Nebraska Herbarium has produced a number of records of previously uncollected specimens and has confirmed the presence of species collected only a few times long ago. Some of the records are of American species which are indigenous to Nebraska or which have recently spread to the state, while other records are of foreign species which are thoroughly established in the wild. Some of these are potentially serious weeds, though none have reached that stage yet.

All specimens cited are deposited in the University Herbarium in Nebraska Hall, Lincoln, except that those marked with an asterisk are at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Typha domingensis Pers. Typhaceae. Lancaster Co., Pawnee Lake, in extensive Typha marsh on west side, 18 September 1974, Kaul 2426. This extends the range north from Kansas.

Potamogeton crispus L. Potamogetonaceae. Dodge Co., Fremont State Lakes, 22 June 1969, Sutherland 2383*. Morrill Co., Bridgeport State Lake, in shallow water along shore, 7 July 1974, Churchill 3848. Pawnee Co., Burchard Lake, submerged along inlet, 28 July 1973, Churchill 2039. Sherman Co., Beaver Creek State Wayside, shallow water, 31 May 1973, Churchill 777. This species is thoroughly established in the northeastern. states and in California, and it appears to be spreading rapidly in Nebraska man-made lakes.

Vallisneria americana Michx. Hydrocharitaceae. Cherry Co., east end of Ballard's Marsh, 9 July 1973, Churchill 1652. This is our second record for the state, the first being Kiener 27528, "21" Lake, Cherry Co., 27 August 1951. This submerged aquatic is abundant in eastern and northern states but in Nebraska, where it is at the western edge of its range, it is rare. It is an important duck food.

Aegilops cylindrica Host. Poaceae. Douglas Co., Omaha, at 44th & Cass St., along tracks, 17 June 1971, Sutherland 2983. Lancaster Co., at 19th & Vine St. along tracks, Lincoln, 29 June 1972, Churchill 249. This plant was introduced from Europe and is becoming a bad weed in some states, though not in Nebraska.