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Published in Transactions of the Nebraska Academy of Sciences, Volume 3 (1976).


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A single specimen of Ambystoma texanum was collected 2 mi E, 2 mi S of Falls City, Richardson County, Nebraska, on 26 October 1969. To our knowledge, this is the first specimen of this species taken in Nebraska. This specimen was collected from a sunken horse tank used as a duck blind, on an oxbow lake cut from the Nemaha river. The lake is three to four feet deep with a muddy bottom and submerged logs. Slough grass, Spartina pectinata, the dominant vegetation, was trampled extensively by cattle except around the horse tank where it was protected by a fence. The sluggish salamander was captured at 0600 hrs; at the time of capture, air temperatures ranged from -6 to 0° C. The specimen was kept alive for three days, preserved, and is now deposited in the Kearney State College Vertebrate Museum.