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Published in Transactions of the Nebraska Academy of Sciences, Volume 4 (1977) pp. 43-51.


Copyright 1977 by the Authors; used by permission of the NAS


A botanical survey of the vascular plants of Cuming County, Nebraska, recognizes 4 major vegetation zones and a total of 491 species representing 270 genera and 83 families.


This is the first systematic botanical survey for a northeastern Nebraska county and the second published county flora survey for Nebraska. The first published botanical survey was that of Urbatsch and Eddy (1973) for Dawes County, Nebraska. Part I of this study presents the vascular floraEquisteophyta, Polypodiophyta, Pinophyta and Magnoliophyta- of Cuming County. Work is now under way on Part II of the bryophyte flora.

The study of the vascular flora of Cuming County was conducted for the flowering seasons of 1972 through 1974. The objective was to survey and document with plant specimens all known species, native and introduced, that were not under cultivation within the county. In addition to collecting, species' associations and vegetation zones were recorded. Approximately 12 visits were made throughout the flowering season for each of the 3 years. Sixty-three sites were studied; several were sampled throughout the season; and all possible vegetation zones were surveyed.