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Published in Transactions of the Nebraska Academy of Sciences, Volume 4 (1977).


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During September, 1974, in the course of examining aquatic snails for larval trematode infections, specimens of Helisoma trivolvis (Say) were collected and found to contain one or two specimens of the leech Marvinmeyeria luckia (Moore, 1954) Soos, 1969 between the shell and mantle. The leeches were identified on the basis of comparison with the original description and with the specific diagnosis given by Soos (l969, Acta Zool. Acad. Scient. 15:397454). Specimens were observed live with the aid of a stereoscope or compound microscope, then flattened with slight coverslip pressure, fixed with aceto-formo-alcohol (AFA), and stored in 7(Jfo ethanol. They were then stained with Mayer's hematoxylin and mounted in Canada balsam for study as whole mounts. Voucher specimens have been deposited in the University of Nebraska State Museum Division of Parasitology.