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2005. Transactions of the Nebraska Academy of Sciences 30: 69-74; Copyright © 2005 Stephen, Linsenmeyer, McGuire


This study records drug use and lifestyle among students at a Midwestern community college. The study provides the first set of data on the levels of drug use at this college and makes some comparisons to drug use levels found in other studies. Alcohol was found to have the highest percentage of student use, 84%, with 41% using at least weekly. Forty-nine percent of students reported using marijuana making it the second most popular drug. Weekly use of marijuana was reported by 11% of students. The levels of use for most drugs were similar to those reported at other colleges though some differences exist. Lifestyle parameters with some relationship to the level of drug use include level of sexual activity and failure of a class. A more complex relationship, age and living situation, appears to influence the level of alcohol use. The positive correlation between increased drug use and increased sexual activity found in other studies were found in this study as well.

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