Nebraska Academy of Sciences


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Transactions of the Nebraska Academy of Sciences, vol. 5 (1978)


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New herpetological species and records from the Late Barstovian Norden Bridge Quarry, Brown County, Nebraska, are reported. New species include a softshell turtle and a watersnake. Forms reported from the fauna for the first time include the boid snake Geringophis depressus, the colubrid snakes Ameiseophis robinsoni, Nebraskophis skinneri, Neonatrix elongata, and Salvadora paleolineata, and an indeterminate viperid snake. The caudal vertebra and humerus of the salamander Ambystoma minshalli are described and figured for the first time. Genera of the snakes are archaic and have been previously reported only from Arikareean to Late Barstovian times.