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Transactions of the Nebraska Academy of Sciences, vol. 5 (1978)


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Medical radiology and radiology at Creighton University's School of Medicine and its teaching hospitals have been closely intertwined from the very time of Roentgen's announcement of his discovery of X-rays on 28 December 1895. A good roentgenogram was produced at Creighton only 46 days later! X-ray equipment was installed at both the out-patient dispensary and the hospital in 1900. Radiology departments were established in both institutions in 1910. Many improvements (faster photographic emulsions, contrast materials, radiotherapy, founding of a Roentgen Technology School), were witnessed by A. F. Tyler who headed both departments (l9l 0-33). He was succeeded by 1. F. Kelly, Sr. (1933-63), who presided over many further advances, including a residency program, contrast material improvements, automatic film processing, diagnostic radionuclides, cobalt teletherapy, and image amplification. The third and fourth chairmen, D. A. Dowell (1963-71) and N. P. Kenney (1971 to present), witnessed further great diagnostic advances (ultrasound for non-ionizing visualization of many otherwise inaccessible structures, computerized tomography for the imaging of many organs and lesions previously non-demonstrable by any method), as well as great therapeutic advances, including the use of the linear accelerator, and interventional radiology.